Stolen Van!

Yesterday, we had one of our tour vans stolen.


The day had begun like any other at Pikes Peak Bike Tours: a group went up the mountain to enjoy the views from the top of Pikes Peak, while Scott, one of our guides, took another group up Gold Camp Road, a long, twisting gravel road that goes deep into the canyon.


After the Gold Camp tour guests were on their way, Scott started the van to go back to the shop, but for some reason it wouldn’t turn over, and for some other reason, he could not get the keys out of the van. Stuck on Gold Camp Road, Scott decided to ride a bike down into town and return for the van with a mechanic.


1 hour later, Scott and the mechanic were driving up Gold Camp looking for the stranded van. They rounded the last corner and came upon…nothing. The van had been stolen, in broad daylight, in less than hour.


A police report, a facebook post alert and 24 hours later, and the van is back. Shockingly, one of our employees from last summer saw the van parked at a sports bar south of town. She thought that seemed like an awfully weird place to see a tour van, so she contacted Dylan. The rest is history. Hopefully not a history that repeats itself!


Stolen Van
The stolen van safe again with employees Carson and Cassie. Cassie found the van at the sports bar in southern Colorado Springs.