Giving Back

Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours is more than just a bike touring company. We are not only passionate about offering our guests the ability to experience Colorado’s beauty, but we are also passionate about having a greater impact on our world. There are a few specific ways we are working to accomplish this. Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours has developed relationships with some amazing organizations and would love to tell you more about them.

The first organization we work with is The Exodus Road. Headquartered right up the pass from us in Woodland Park, they are working tirelessly in southeast Asia and around the globe to fight human trafficking. Believe it or not, modern day slavery not only exists but is a huge problem! The Exodus Road exists specifically to free underage girls from the sex slave industry. Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours is absolutely honored to supply The Exodus Road with GoPro cameras to use in their raids of these brothels. We also help support The Exodus Road by donating 5% of our profit directly to helping free these girls. So ultimately by coming on a bike tour with Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours YOU are helping fight for this cause! If this is also something that tugs at your heart, please ask us more about how you can be involved in directly helping play a role in changing lives!

Another incredible organization that Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours is involved with is called Eurasia Cafe. We are EXTREMELY excited to now be offering free coffee to our guests in the morning. Why are we so excited you wonder?… Well this isn’t just any coffee. It is coffee made by Eurasia Cafe.
Eurasia Cafe makes “coffee that counts”. It specifically exists to help support amazing causes. The blend we will mostly be using is called “Freedom Blend.” The money from the sales of this coffee goes directly to addressing sexual slavery and human trafficking in India.  So feel free to arrive a bit early for your tour and relax as you enjoy your hot cup of “coffee that counts” with your breakfast!


Freedom Blend


At Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours we believe strongly in being a part of “the bigger picture.”   It is our deep desire to be able to support more and more amazing causes like The Exodus Road and Eurasia Cafe.  As we continue to grow we  look for more and more opportunities to be involved in the truly important things in life.