Stolen Van!

Yesterday, we had one of our tour vans stolen.


The day had begun like any other at Pikes Peak Bike Tours: a group went up the mountain to enjoy the views from the top of Pikes Peak, while Scott, one of our guides, took another group up Gold Camp Road, a long, twisting gravel road that goes deep into the canyon.


After the Gold Camp tour guests were on their way, Scott started the van to go back to the shop, but for some reason it wouldn’t turn over, and for some other reason, he could not get the keys out of the van. Stuck on Gold Camp Road, Scott decided to ride a bike down into town and return for the van with a mechanic.


1 hour later, Scott and the mechanic were driving up Gold Camp looking for the stranded van. They rounded the last corner and came upon…nothing. The van had been stolen, in broad daylight, in less than hour.


A police report, a facebook post alert and 24 hours later, and the van is back. Shockingly, one of our employees from last summer saw the van parked at a sports bar south of town. She thought that seemed like an awfully weird place to see a tour van, so she contacted Dylan. The rest is history. Hopefully not a history that repeats itself!


Stolen Van
The stolen van safe again with employees Carson and Cassie. Cassie found the van at the sports bar in southern Colorado Springs.

Engagement on a bike!

I honestly cannot imagine having a better job than working here at Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours. It absolutely humbles me but yet makes me beam with pride at the same time to hear some stories from our guests on what their bike tour meant to them. I hear so often, “Our bike trip was the highlight of our trip to Colorado!” To take that to a whole other level is when we get people that will come visit Colorado SPECIFICALLY to go on one of our bike tours. Or even better yet, they will come back after going on one last year to ask their girlfriends hand in marriage!! How amazing is that?! We had the honor of experiencing that yesterday with Zac and Allison. They came here from Austin, Texas to do our Bike Gold Camp ride for the second time in as many years. Allison thought the whole time that it was just a great idea and chance to get away from home for a bit. Zac on the other hand had a little something special up his sleeve (or in the backpack as it were). At one of our favorite overlooks on the route Zac asked for Allison’s hand in marriage. They came back beaming from ear to ear as did I when I heard the news. Congratulations to the happy couple and may you truly find your lives together even more beautiful than the incredible place where you got engaged! We’ll see you again soon no doubt!

Pikes Peak Bike Tours – Harlem Shake!

I’m sure most of you out there have probably seen the Harlem Shake Video’s that have gone viral over the last couple months.   While we may be a little behind the time on ours, we still wanted to join in on the fun.    We did exactly that.  Everyone had a blast making it and we hope you get a good laugh out of it as well.

Colorado Springs Bike Mechanic’s!

I just wanted to give a plug for an amazing bike mechanic’s school right here in Colorado Springs!  Barnett Bicycle Institute (BBI for short) is one of the most well known bike school’s in the country, and I found out why.   I took their Bicycle Assembly and Maintenance course last week and can attest to the fact that they are truly a great school.  The instructors are all extremely friendly, patient, and most of all have an INCREDIBLE amount of knowledge!  The class is top notch and if you are at all interested in taking a course I highly recommend it!

After taking the course I promptly set up our shop to aid in working on bikes a little better.


New Colorado Springs Teambuilding Tour!!!

Well, it’s been a long time coming but I wanted to officially announce our new tour that we are extremely excited about.  We began early this year working on this tour and have taken a few groups out this summer as our “guinea pigs”.    Those rides went very well and the groups were incredibly happy with the tour as a whole.

What is it??  Well as you most likely read in the title, it is a tour designed specifically as a team building event.  The information can now be found on the website here.  This is truly a unique and incredible event that is absolutely perfect for local business’ and school aged groups.  It combines a great adventure with an educational twist.

The idea for this ride came from talking with fellow business owner Jake Topakas of “Jake and Telly’s” which is an incredible Greek Restaurant in town.   He likes to do something fun for his employees every year.  It’s a great idea, as it helps build employee moral and allows the team to bond and just have fun together outside of the workplace.  I basically took that thought a step further into an experience that not only fulfills this need but also adds an educational element to it.  What business owner doesn’t want a more efficient workplace after all?

I’m sure you have probably heard of places you take your team and spend an afternoon working through team building initiatives.   I, in fact, have done of few of these myself and actually think very highly of them.   The reason we are so excited about this unique experience is because it combines those incredible initiatives with an opportunity to experience Colorado in a way that many people do not get to do!   Since we ARE a bike tour company after all… we, of course, combined it with one of our most popular rides, the Bike Gold Camp tour.    The route provides just the right amount of adventure for your group to give them the opportunity to have a truly amazing time together filled with some of the most beautiful scenery the front range has to offer.

Don’t miss out on this one!



Pikes Peak Video!

We’re excited about out 2012 promo video that we just had put together.  If you’re curious about what it’s like to take a tour with us check it out!   This is certain to be a lasting memory for you!

Coffee that counts!!

Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours is EXTREMELY excited to now be offering free coffee to our guests in the morning. Why are we so excited you wonder?… Well this isn’t just any coffee. It is coffee made by a company called Eurasia Cafe.
Eurasia Cafe makes “coffee that counts”. It specifically exists to help support amazing causes. The blend we will mostly be using is called “Freedom Blend.” The money from the sales of this coffee goes directly to addressing sexual slavery and human trafficking in India.
…and THIS is why we are so excited over coffee!

A New Colorado Springs Adventure is coming!

That’s right, we are working on an exciting new venture we are excited to kick off.   Here’s a little video of a couple guides, Ken, Rob and myself “working” on it.

Pikes Peak Adventures-Fly and Ride!

I (Dylan) am currently sitting in the Philadephia airport waiting for a connecting flight to New Haven Connecticut.   Why you ask?  Well I am embarking on a little adventure to get a new van!  For whatever reason I always seem to be able to save a fairly large amount by getting vehicles on the east coast.  Well, maybe not always but twice now!  I love a little adventure and am looking forward to my trip back across the country to my beloved mountains!!   I’ll try to post some pictures along the way for those who want to follow my little adventure.  Have a great day!


Update of trip!

Well I made it to Chicago.  Everything has gone great so far.  I landed in Connecticut around 6pm and had the van on the road back west by 6:45.   Here’s a picture from CT before I left. 

I drove until about 1:30 that night and pulled over at a rest area and caught a few hours of Z’s.


Then I continued west on I-80 and stopped in Michigan to see my extended family for lunch.  That’s what I love about these trips is getting to see people I don’t normally get to!  Of course they all loved the Sprinter!


We (Sprinter and myself) made it back to Beautiful Colorado Springs! 

I had a bit more fun along the way and wanted to finish sharing about the journey.   I stopped in Chicago to visit a close friend for Friday and Saturday night.  Here’s a picture of Todd and his kids.   I love doing things like this because it allows to to visit people I don’t normally get to see!  The kids had a BLAST playing in the Sprinter.  We couldn’t keep them out of it!


On Sunday morning I left Chicago for Quincy, Illinois!  My friends parents live in Quincy and they, along with their pastor and family were nice enough to invite me over for a little Easter Dinner.   It was NOT little.  Deeelicous!   Here’s the Easter dinner crew.


The gentleman far left in the front is Mr. Steve Hagood.  Otherwise known as “Captain America”!  We call him Captain America because he has in fact ridden his bicycle across the entire United States.  From the far northwest corner of Washington all the way down to the tip of Florida.   He has many stories to tell of his adventures which include being arrested for suspicion that he was the Unibomer!   I think Mr. Steve is in fact writing a book about his journeys.    Captain America has also assisted as a guide for us from time to time and it’s a real pleasure to have him.

The journey continued after the most amazing dinner and desert onto Kansas City where I turned in for the night at another friends house.  Unfortunately it was late and no pictures were to be had.   I left in the morning to a place called Freedom Cycles in Kansas City to pick up some motorcycles that needed transport back to Colorado Springs.   They were not just any motorcycles but actual bikes that had been raced in the 2012 Dakar Rally in South America.   If you are not familiar with this race, it is known as the most difficult rally race in the world.  14 days of racing across Argentina, Chile, and Peru.   We had the privilege of helping support Ned Suesse (otherwise known as Neduro) in his privateer efforts this year.  As it turned out he was the only American that actually finished the race!   Congrats Ned!  The following are a couple pictures of the bikes and the final load that all got transported back.  This van can haul ALOT!!!


For starters, here is a picture of Ned that was taken during the actual race.

The bikes waiting for their first class transport in the Sprinter!  (I think we may need to name her…him…?)

On the picture below you can see our website name on Ned’s bike.

Jonah Street’s rally bike going in!

The final load.  You can’t even see any motorcycles!


When I got home and unloaded the next day I couldn’t help but have a sit on Jonah’s bike.  I felt like a little kid in a candy store!


Well, if you have gotten this far I thank you for being a part of this journey.   Now…it’s time to get back to pedal bikes!!

Pikes Peak Bike Tours is Moving!

Don’t worry, we aren’t moving far!  Just across the way actually!  We are really excited about our new place.   Take a look at a bit of the construction video by clicking on the blog.


Here’s the latest update as of 4/16/12.  Check it out!