Pikes Peak Bike Tours and The Exodus Road

Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours has been a longtime supporter of The Exodus Road, an organization based locally in Woodland Park that works around the world to free victims of slavery.

The Exodus Road was initially started by Matt and Laura Parker who had been living and working SE Asia when they became aware of the lack of resources and coordinated services necessary for a successful anti-trafficking movement. The Parkers started The Exodus road in 2011, and since then, it has grown into a global organization that interviews, trains, equips and supports investigators around the world while coordinating with area police and investigative forces to free victims of human trafficking. To date, they have supported 718 rescues around the world.

Pikes Peak Bike Tours has supported The Exodus Road for several years now, making yearly donations to their mission and attending fundraisers when possible. Just this month, Dylan and 9 of his guides attended a fundraising dinner hosted at The Pinery in Colorado Springs.

exodus road
Dylan and Jen with Matt Parker (far right) at the fundraising event this month for Exodus Road

A portion of the profits from Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours goes to The Exodus Road each year. And you thought your bike tour was just for fun!

Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours is Growing!!

2016 marks an important year for Pikes Peak Mountain Bike tours! This year is our 10th season in operation, and it is time to grow and better accommodate our guests!

Dylan Scott purchased the business in 2006, and at the time, it was operating out of portable trailer.

Can you believe this is where it all started?
Where it all started trailer

After a couple years, he was able to move into a small space, about 600 square feet for both bikes and guests.

This space may look familiar for some of you:
2012 remodel

Finally, Dylan is able to expand the shop to over double its size, providing a comfortable space for guests to enjoy breakfast and get ready for their tours as well as a separate area for bike storage and van loading.

Right now we are deep in the remodel, and as usual Dylan is doing most of the work himself. We hope to have the shop ready to go by April!

Faced with a big project? Put your shoulder into it!

Bigger at the moment but not yet better!
in process

A couple of our handy guides, Spencer and Jairo, helping build a second level for bike storage:
guides at work

Stay tuned for more pictures throughout the process and for our 10th Anniversary Open House announcement!