New Colorado Springs Teambuilding Tour!!!

Well, it’s been a long time coming but I wanted to officially announce our new tour that we are extremely excited about.  We began early this year working on this tour and have taken a few groups out this summer as our “guinea pigs”.    Those rides went very well and the groups were incredibly happy with the tour as a whole.

What is it??  Well as you most likely read in the title, it is a tour designed specifically as a team building event.  The information can now be found on the website here.  This is truly a unique and incredible event that is absolutely perfect for local business’ and school aged groups.  It combines a great adventure with an educational twist.

The idea for this ride came from talking with fellow business owner Jake Topakas of “Jake and Telly’s” which is an incredible Greek Restaurant in town.   He likes to do something fun for his employees every year.  It’s a great idea, as it helps build employee moral and allows the team to bond and just have fun together outside of the workplace.  I basically took that thought a step further into an experience that not only fulfills this need but also adds an educational element to it.  What business owner doesn’t want a more efficient workplace after all?

I’m sure you have probably heard of places you take your team and spend an afternoon working through team building initiatives.   I, in fact, have done of few of these myself and actually think very highly of them.   The reason we are so excited about this unique experience is because it combines those incredible initiatives with an opportunity to experience Colorado in a way that many people do not get to do!   Since we ARE a bike tour company after all… we, of course, combined it with one of our most popular rides, the Bike Gold Camp tour.    The route provides just the right amount of adventure for your group to give them the opportunity to have a truly amazing time together filled with some of the most beautiful scenery the front range has to offer.

Don’t miss out on this one!