Bike Pikes Peak with Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours

Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours began running tours in 1995 on Pikes Peak and has been under current ownership since 2005.  If you are looking for a fun, adventurous way to experience Colorado on your next vacation, Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours can provide you with an exciting option for making memories that will last a lifetime!!

With Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours you will experience breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains as you are coasting downhill on your bike.  All skill levels will enjoy our bicycling adventures.  Your entire group, from the extreme sports enthusiast to those who haven’t been on a bike in years will feel at home with us.   We are continuously thinking of new packages and tours we can offer so be sure to check back often and see what else may be popping up!

We at Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours are not just passionate about the outdoors and about cycling.   We are also passionate about being a part of “the bigger picture” please see our “giving back” page to learn more about what that means and how you can also be a part of it!



Welcome! My name is Dylan Scott and I am the owner of all this fun!  I wanted to take some space to introduce myself to you.

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I grew up in Ely, MN where I found a love for the outdoors.  In 2002 I moved to Colorado Springs due to a heavy pull from the mountains!  I took over Pikes Peak Bike Tours in 2005 and with a strong background in customer service will strive to earn your respect and business through helping you feel at ease and comfortable with your upcoming adventure.

I have many passions in life and biking is one of them.  I love anything that involves being outside especially in the mountains!  I love to hunt, fish, rock climb, mountaineer, motorcycle, and grow crazy facial hair!  What will my face look like when I meet you?

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One of my biggest passions is experiencing different cultures and learning about different worldviews.  I have a large heart for the many hurting people around the world and my hope is that someday this business will play a large part in allowing me to become more involved with those people.

So that’s me!  Click here to be introduced to your amazing guides who will play a large part in helping you bring home the memory of a lifetime!

Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours operates under a special use permit
from the Pike National Forest